Zed: Table Documentation outdated

Thank you for the good documentation, Its very helpful.

Under: https://documentation.spryker.com/v4/docs/t-working-tables#creating-a-new-table

The tutorial seems to be outdated.

SpySalesOrderTableMap::COL_GRAND_TOTAL => 'Value' 
SpySalesOrderTableMap::COL_FK_CUSTOMER => 'Customer Id',

//does not exist on Abstract Table


//does not exist on Abstract Table

    $query = $this->salesQuery;

Does not exist on parent

At the end, the controller and view implementation is missing, so nothing gets rendered on the screen.

After some time I found out its the best to copy everything from the Sales Module and place it in the new Module.

I am on the current b2b shop
“spryker/kernel”: “^3.30.0”

Or do I something wrong?

Kind Regards