WIN 10 VM: Running super slow


I was able to install spryker on my WIN10 notebook (8GB RAM, Virtual Box 5.1.26), but I need help.

I can reach the backend on, but each request takes about 30 secs.
Does anybody have a similar experience and an idea how to fix this?

Thanks a lot. I am considering an installation w/o VM, but give it onw more chance, as there must be a bug in my overall setup.

Rgds, Dominik

Hi Dominik,

It is really hard to understand what is the issue take place. Could you please to investigate you requests to Zed with the Performance Developer Tools of you browser. It should help to understand the root cause of the issue.


Vladimir, thanks a lot for support. I did the analyis (I monotired this before…). Check screenshot here

I requested Customer Groups, and there seems to be silence for about 40secs…

UPDATE: For whatever reason the ./setup -i terminated with this error: The reminds me to the antelope discussion. However, I am quite sure, that befor reinstall I deleted the devvm working directoy (including project) and alos the virtual machines.

FINALLY: Dont be confused with names, I am trying to get this run together with a student. I want to bring Spryker to the class room at my university in the coming winterterm.

Rgds, Dieter


Your ./setup -i error screenshot shows that you have the symlink issue:

By default npm and antelope use symlinks. /setup -i might fail on NTFS, to continue run:
antelope install --nosym
After this step, ./setup -i will work without using symlinks, execute again to rebuild everything.


Hello Vladimir, confusing. The forum wrote yesterday:

P.S we no longer use Antelope we work with Oryx

Also the antelope hint disapperaed from the installation page.

Rgds, Dieter

Hi @Dominik_Kraipl

I would like to look into the issues you are having, could you please contact me to I would like a developer to take a look.



Since this topic is more specific (Win 10) then the other one (Demoshop is really slow (on Win7)), i will add my reqly here too:

Same problem here… on a Windows 10 64 bit machine:

Vagrant 2.1.1
VirtualBox 5.2.12 r122591 (Qt5.6.2)
using Firefox 52.8.1

Result: comes up after loading for a very long time (remindes me of the good old times with 56kbits modem) always results in 504 Gateway Timeout