What are your plans for Silex?


Hello Spryker,

since Silex is deprecated for a while now what are your plans? Do you want to implement our own little framework or do you want to replace Silex with an existing one for example Symfony?

Kind regards


Hello Benedikt,

Thank you for the question. We are working on materials for publishing in the Spryker Documentation. But I can give you a quick overview on the process.

First of all, we created the Silex Application fork (https://github.com/spryker/silexphp), where we take care of critical bugfixes and security issues, w/o future development. No migration is required, only dependency flip. This also gives enough time for heavily outdated projects to prepare for the migration path.

For sake of full BC we prepared own Spryker application based on PSR-11 (Pimple 3 by default) which will replace the obsolete Silex Application. The application is following Spryker architecture principles and enables use of SF4 components. Atm obsolete Silex App and new Spryker App are both enabled, that allows projects switching from Silex App to Spryker App step by step, service by service.

W/o custom Silex Service Providers the migration is fast and easy: every default Service Provider gets its sibling as a Spryker Application Plugin.

The roadmap with instructions will be published with relevant Silex migration documents soon.
Let me know if you have any questions so far.



Hello Denis,

thanks for your reply. That helps me a lot.

Kind regards