Using different frontends with same zed

  • What we need to do to get two different frontends with the same zed working?

We have a modified base

Thanks for helping


Could you please elaborate what 2 different frontends mean ?


Now we got Pyz\Yves\ShopApplication\YvesBootstrap.php with controllers registered for a domain xxxx. How can we provide different controllers for different domains, when keeping the same pyz project scope?


We have different stores with different business cases (two databases). How can we provide different frontends with different controllers registered? Can you provide us a suggestion? We thought about using a store specific module for ShopApplication, but yvesbootstrap is called directly in index.php so the locator store specific module selection is not working here.


There are some things to keep in mind:

  • we support store-specific DBs, but we do not support different DB structure there.
  • we support store-specific modules, and thus controllers, etc

Does this fit your needs?


Hi Andrey,

we know, how to have store-specific controllers. Out problem is one level above the controller. We need a store specific YvesBootstrap. Our use case is, that we develop two different applications in one spryker setup. Application A doesn’t need the controller from Application B.

For example “Application A” have a “forgetpassword”-Controller. In Application B is no forget password functionality but if i use the spryker default index.php in Yves all controller from application a are also accessible in application b. Is the a best practice to have store specific controllers? For example to copy the public/Yves folder for the second application? But in that case we have to change the frontend-build process.

One solution is to have store-specific controller-provider for the modules we use and have an empty list in one application, but i think that’s not a good solution.



Can’t you just delegate the stacks to methods per store and check them with:

protected function getControllerProviderStack($isSsl)
       return $this->getMyThirdStoreProviderStack($isSsl);
   } elseif(....



Hi @janmyszkier: that would unfortunately shift knowledge about configuration into code. I would prefer to avoid.

To the nxs people: While reading the above questions, i somehow feel, that they are already containing a possible solution: create a differently configured bootstrap class and delegate the traffic coming through the according domain to a different front-controller (other than index.php or maybe copy the entire public/<SomeApp>/ directory?).
Have you considered that?