Use "default" fallback for missing translation


getting this when trying to save a CMS block:
Could not find a translation for key CMS Block was updated successfully., locale de_DE

I really think there should be a fallback here, because it obviously knows what it should show the translation for, but refused to show it at all because of missing DE translation for that particular string.
Simply showing “CMS Block was updated successfully.” when there is no translation for it, is fine.


Hi Jan,

Thank you for the feedback, but could you provide more details please?
Maybe some steps to reproduce?

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Enter Zed in non default locale (DE_de is fine)
  • Open Content
  • then any CMS Block
  • try to save CMS block
  • get the error.


Are we doing something wrong?

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Well, you have DE_de translations done, because I can see it all over your screenshot/gif.

Our UI is having english everywhere (although “de_DE” is set in stores.php) thanks to usual fallback that seem to “usually work”.

The only difference is that we have no imported translations for “de_DE” and it only fails on that flash message (so far).

Issue is visible only if you don’t have the translation (which you do, hence no issue on your setup)


Ok, now it’s clear what you meant from the beginning. Sorry about that.
I’ll reproduce this today or tomorrow.

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I can confirm the error that the translations are missing for the success message when trying to create a product, a category or a attribute after I’ve run composer update "spryker/*"



Sorry for the late reply. I was able to reproduce.
I’ll update here when the status is changed.

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