Update KV Storage


Actually i wanted to change/add a product label in ZED backend but this change was not shown in yves frontend. To test if any change affects the frontend, i changed the product description of a concrete product in the backend but this also had no effect. So obviously the KV storage (Yves communicates with) isn’t up to date.

According to https://academy.spryker.com/developing_with_spryker/yves/redis_as_kv.html there should be a command for updating the KV storage, but there is no.

Did I missing something?

How can i bring the changed database data to frontend?

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Hi @JimPanse,

What repository you are working with/forked from?
I would suppose that it is https://github.com/spryker-shop/suite.
If it’s true and you are running our solution in vagrant devvm, then your Jenkins should take care of this.
Check that it is up and running (http://zed.de.{your_host_here}.local:10007/).
Or run manually in the backend queue:worker:start command.

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Hi @tvalerii,

thanks for your fast response. Indeed i am using the suite vagrant vm. Jenkins is running at 10007, but i cant see any jobs configured here on the web interface :thinking::thinking:. Maybe something is missing on installation but i am pretty sure there were no errors.

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I’ve created a new VM to check if everything works ok.
I was unable to reproduce your problem.
Jenkins looks like this inside newly created VM - https://cl.ly/9d36974b649c.
So I would advice to try to re-install application once more or to re-create VM from scratch following this instruction - http://academy.spryker.com/getting_started/installation_guide.html.

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I don’t know how and I don’t know why but it seems the re-installation brought the expected results. The jobs are running now and the product label is displayed correctly on the frontend.



You are welcome and thank you for the feedback. I’m glad that the problem is solved.

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