Unit base/sale measurements?



Looking into data import, I came across these files

I was curious what this is for but looking in Zed I could not find anything, nor did I find anything in the documentation.

I’d like to ask what these measurement units are and how they are used?



Hello Theo,

The measurement unit feature, which contains the .csv files mentioned above, is currently in 0.2.0 version. The 1.0.0 version will be released soon and the full documentation will follow shortly.

Just in a nutshell: we will offer a way to sell items in different measurement units, example: you have a bag of apples and you want to sell it per item, per gram, per kilogram without defining a separate product concrete for each.

You can check out the current version of this module here: https://github.com/spryker/product-measurement-unit/releases