Suite vs Suite-B2C - Differences?



Is there any information available on the differences between these two suites? I have installed both locally and on first look they seem very similar. The composer.json files do look different.

I would appreciate, if anyone could point me to resources with more information about these two suites.

Thanks a lot.


Hey Thomas,

Thank you for your question. Last weeks we introduced so many new features and solutions that documentation can’t catch up. Here is a short intro to the published projects:

  • spryker-shop/suite - is a feature-rich repository, which contains all available features. A week ago it had an official release and documentation is coming soon. It’s recommended as a start point for new projects.
  • spryker-shop/suite-b2c - is our demo shop for B2C case, shrunk from the spryker-shop/suite It’s still in QA loop and has no official release yet. It’s NOT recommended as a start point till the official release v1.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Denis,

thank you for the info.