Store-Locale changes after login


We have a store with multiple locales, f.e. a german store with the languages german and french. If the customer changes the language from german to french and then logging in, the language changes back to german.

  • This only happens in the login process
  • If the customer changes the language after logging in, the selected language will remain
  • It seems, that spryker chooses the first locale entry from the locales array of the stores.php

How can we keep the chosen language even during the login? Have you solved this case in the past?

Dominik Bähr


I’ve just tested with the latest modules and the locale doesn’t change after customer login. E.g. I change language to German, login, see customer overview page in German. The language only changes only after clicking to “Home page” link. Is it your case?


unfortunately that was not the fault, but i fixed the problem.

The reason was the login_check-Action, which has been called during the login process. The locale was not passed in the URL, so the login_check-Action used the fallback locale.