Spryker requires nonexisting attributes


When products are being imported from akaneo we end up with:

Does that mean Spryker attributes are global and evey products needs to have a value for it even when it doesn’t really need particular attribute?

How do we allow spryker to render such products without issues? (or how should we import them if we use sample code from https://github.com/spryker-shop/suite/blob/demo/akeneo-integration and it doesn’t handle it correctly?)


I’ve checked this issue, it’s a bug from our side.
You can solve it before we release solution using one of the options:

  • you add ALL available attributes to product management attributes
  • you override template on project level Spryker/Zed/ProductAttributeGui/Presentation/View/_partials/attribute-table.twig and enclose for content
    {% for key in productAttributeKeys %}
    with this condition to whole content
    {% if metaAttributes[key] is defined %}