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I have a question concerning the routing of the products. I am able now to get on the route e.g. the Outlet Category within the ControllerProvider in the Plugin

($this->createController(’/{sale}{categoryPath}’, ‘sale’, ‘Test’, ‘Index’, ‘index’)
->assert(‘sale’, $allowedLocalesPattern . ‘outlet|outlet’)
->value(‘sale’, ‘outlet’)
->assert(‘categoryPath’, ‘/.+’)
->value(‘categoryPath’, null)
->convert(‘categoryPath’, function ($categoryPath) use ($allowedLocalesPattern) {
return preg_replace(’#^/’ . $allowedLocalesPattern . ‘#’, ‘/’, $categoryPath);
}); .

But somehow I am not able to rout to the products. Any Ideas or hints for me?

Thank you in Advance,



Hi Rafael,

We have 2 routers registered in the demoshop YvesBootstrap by default. The first one is the StorageRouter which matches URLs of dynamic resources (categories, products, cms pages, etc.) that are stored in Redis. The second one is the SilexRouter that matches manually defined routes such as you defined above.

I don’t fully understand how not being able to rout to products is related to the outlet page, but I hope this information helps you.




thank you for the replay.

Lets try it with this way: if you want to have the title the Demoshop is giving for each product plus the Word “SUPERPRODUCT” e.g.

How would you connect to the product route and add the word?

Thank you again.

Best Rafael


I’m not sure I got what you mean, but routing doesn’t change the title of the page. To change that you can add your logic in the ProductController based on your request.


I do not want to add something to another Module. I want to expand an existing module (products). But for that my Module needs to know when a Product is clicked by the user. At the End they should be the normal Productsite + some Information e.g. in the Title.


Hi Rafael,

Could you please tell us in high level what you want to do?
I think that could really help us to understand how to offer you support and possibly a solution.


The Forum Team



I try again. No Problem :slight_smile:

Each time a customer clicks on a Productsite we need a little JS in the Background working.


… But at the End that shell be a new Module to give our Costumers. So no changes in other modules :slight_smile:


Currently our demoshop is not able to handle such thing out of the box. Sounds like you’ll need to have a custom solution for this problem. I’d suggest to provide some kind of plugin or template hooks in the product detail page where you can provide some plugins later.