REG: Payment integration error (Adyen)


I am new to Spryker and install B2C demoshop in my local server. I have integrated the Adyen payment gateway as per the guide ( But, unfortunate I faced the following error during order placement.

Zed.CRITICAL: Error - Class ‘Generated\Shared\Transfer\SpyPaymentAdyenEntityTransfer’ not found in “/data/shop/development/current/vendor/spryker-eco/adyen/src/SprykerEco/Zed/Adyen/Persistence/Mapper/AdyenPersistenceMapper.php::29” {“exception”:"[object] (Error(code: 0): Class ‘Generated\Shared\Transfer\SpyPaymentAdyenEntityTransfer’ not found at /data/shop/development/current/vendor/spryker-eco/adyen/src/SprykerEco/Zed/Adyen/Persistence/Mapper/AdyenPersistenceMapper.php:29)

Anyone, could you please provide the details information to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.


Hi kotteeswaran!
Have you tried to run console transfer:generate console command?


Hi aleksey.Kotsuba,

Thanks for the reply

Yes, I already tried (transfer:generate) but the namespace with “SpyPaymentAdyen” class files missing or not generated with the shared directory.