REG: Need to show payment transaction informations

Dear all,

I have integrated custom payment method (based on the documentation) with Spryker B2C shop system and now need to show the payment transaction details (Like transaction id, amount, due date, etc.,) in the order history page (both Yves & Zed). Could you please suggest me how to make this.

Thanks in advance.



I’m working with Spryker OS since January and I worked only with B2B version of the shop, here is how i would do it:

  • you have to save the payment details in database in a table made by you if you didn’t do it yet.
  • you have to create a payment transfer object to use it to transfer data from zed to yves.
  1. Yves Page
  • you will have to extend OrderController from CustomerPage (vendor/spryker-shop/yves) and override detailsAction, executeDetailsAction in Pyz/Yves/CustomerPage/… so that when you will return the array with viewData to have the payment transfer object in the array which you will retrieve based on customer/order from database etc.
  • you have to create a ‘molecule’ in Pyz/Yves/CustomerPage/theme/… which can be a table with all the payment details and include it in the order-detail view and provide the payment transfer data to it.
  1. Zed Page
  • same like for Yves, but you have to override the DetailController from vendor/spryker/sales in Pyz/Zed/Sales…

Hi Razvan,

Thanks for your quick and detailed reply.

I will check the possibilities which you mentioned and let you know if any clarification/doubts during development process …