Problem with spryker/log v3.4 and rabbitMq


Hi everyone,

I have a problem since I updated the spryker/log module from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1. We are currently using a build without rabbitMq. With the update all vendor/bin/console commands throw errors telling me to configure “RABBITMQ_HOST” etc.

Is there a way to disable rabbitMq/queues for logging?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Christian,

you can remove the QueueHandlerPlugin in your LogDependencyProvider::getLogHandlers() method.


Hello Rene,

thanks for the quick answer.
The getLogHandlers() method already returns an empty array:

protected function getLogHandlers()
    return [];

I didn’t change the module at all.



are you sure that it’s not overridden in your projects LogDependencyProvider? Without any log handler applied nothing will be logged.


sorry, I had the wrong file there. Removing the QueueHandlerPlugin solved the problem.
Thanks for the quick help :slight_smile:


Are there any plans of making this configurable? Would be really useful in a container context.


Hi Christian,

If you would kindly open a request in the Spryker/support Github repo we can add it to our future roadmap.