Payone Parameter {cardexpiredate} faulty or missing



we would like to use Payone in our shop. When i use Credit Card, on “place order” i get the error “Parameter {cardexpiredate} fault or missing”. This happens when it is tried to make the “performAuthorizationRequest”. In the Request Body i saw that the Credit Card Informations are missing. We use the standard state machine offered from Payone. In which step should the Credit Card informations set?

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Sorry, i found my error :). The reason was JS/CSS adaptation.


Hi Jozsef,

Thank you for letting us know that you have found an issue.
Please don’t hesitate to ask when you have more questions regarding Spryker itself or any modules.

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Thank you for the help. I have a question i checked the payone creditcard state machine.
For me it is not clear how does an order form the “authorization pending” to “authorization appointed” status change. Which event will be triggered in order to change the status? Or the status should be changed from “Payone” which calls TransactionStatus URL in order to notify the shop about the transactions?

        <transition happy="true" condition="Payone/PreAuthorizationIsApproved">
            <target>pre-authorization pending</target>

        <transition condition="Payone/PaymentIsAppointed" happy="true">
            <source>pre-authorization pending</source>
            <target>pre-authorization appointed</target>

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Hi Jozsef,
Payone sends call to TransactionController::statusUpdateAction, when request received we update status in DB. Status in OMS changes when it finds “appointed” status in DB in apilog table. Check runs every min.

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