Payment Navigation missing

After spryker installation (in my local server) I didn’t found the payment navigation menu/tab in admin interface ( I am not aware about this whether by default it’s not showing otherwise we have to enable or directly work on the core (programmatically).

Any one could you please assist to resolve this.

Note: The “Shipment” option showing in the admin navigation.

Thanks in advance.

Hi kotteswaran,

the Payment tab is not displayed by default. It was hidden from Navigation menu in Zed as Payment integrations are done on projects’ side, so in the demoshop the tab didn’t had any functionality in it and was removed.
You can add the necessary menu navigation items. You can check this tutorial for more details


Hi Anastasia,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have checked to adding the sample options available in the documentation and it’s working … :slight_smile: