OMS Middleware Connector and stdout


i cant figure out, how to properly use the TriggerOrderExportProcessCommand which is part from the OmsMiddlewareConnector.
I followed the spryker tutorial but for example it’s unclear to me, why the TriggerOrderExportProcessCommand class sets the output path for the process hard coded to stdout?


With this hard coded stdout, it’s not possible to change the location where the file should go into. Instead it’s always the std stream.

Did i miss something conceptual?

Basically i want to process an order if an event was triggered from the OMS state machine. The first goal is to render a file with all the order information and place it somewhere on the harddisk.

Can somebody give me a clue?



On a closer look it seems that the provided TriggerOrderExportProcessCommand is maybe just an example, how to provide such a Command-Plugin. The configured stdout was chosen because it’s always available.
So … i have to write and configure another one by myself? :thinking:


Hi Ingo,

Thank you for the feedback.
You are right, this should be configurable.
I’m creating a ticket and will update when it’s changed and released.

Best regards,


Hi @tvalerii
thanks for your fast response. So would you suggest (as a workaround) to extend the corresponding class on the project level (in my custom module) and simply override the getProcessSettingsTransfer() method?



Yes, this would be an option.

Best regards,