OMS - Expanding of e.g. an existing Payment Module


I would like to extend an existing oms that is provided by a separate module - e.g. a payment provider. It is necessary to include our own process between two stages, or furthermore to replace one transition between two states, in order to connect an external storage/system etc… Is there a way to do it without copying the whole OMS, and altering it?

Is there a Best Practice Example or do I have to do it with a completely different approach?
Sarah :slight_smile:

Hey Sarah! Have you taken a look into subprocesses? It might be useful in your case.


Hi Aleksey,
thanks for the reply :slight_smile:.
Yes I tried including the provided oms using subprocesses, but still then I have to adapt the code (as the subprocess can’t be the main process) and I still have the problme that I actually want to replace one connection (transition) between two states :slight_smile: and i think this is not possible with subprocesses.