Npm installation on Windows 10


Hi, tried to install according the current description, installed antelope, did ./setup -i again and all runs fine for some minutes. Finally I get npm errno -71 (Pls. see full screenshot here ).

I repeated this twicw now with the same negative result. Any idea?

Rgds, Dominik


Hi Dominik,

There is next Windows Compatibility block in our Installation Guide:

By default npm and antelope use symlinks. /setup -i might fail on NTFS, to continue run:
antelope install --nosym
After this step, ./setup -i will work without using symlinks, execute again to rebuild everything.

I hope it will help to resolve your issue.



Vladimir, thanks a lot. I read and followed this information, but maybe I did something wrong. I will repeat the procedure tonight an let you know. BTW: Do I need to redo the whole installation or just install antelope and rerun ./setup -i as described.

Greetings from Munich!



will be enough.



Vladimir, thanks. I made an ugly mistake w antelope (entered “npm install antelope” in ths host os.)

Pls. help on how to access the store with Do I need to call this inside te vm? I get a DNS error, if I try from my Windows 10 host system. Mayby another silly q…

Danke und Grüße,



I was able to solve this…