Multiselect Product Attributes


i would like to import products from a pim. I need to create also multiselect attributes. How does spryer handle the multiselect attributes. Should be also just a text attribute and the values just comma separated?

Hi Jozsef,

Could you please clarify what do you mean by multiselect product attributes? An example would help a lot to answer your question.


Hi Tamas,

for example i have an attribute “Colors” which has the following options: Black, Red, Blue. The attribute is not a super attribute. A product can have more the one of the values, for example Product X for the colors has the values: Black and Red.
First i need to create the attribute in the product_management_attribute.csv. Should be in this way:


When i create the product via the REST API should it look like this:
data: {
“sku”: “…”,

“attributes”: {
“colors”: “Blue,Red”,

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Unfortunately we don’t have full support for this kind of product attributes. You could import them as a comma separated list, but it will be handled as a string (not as list of separate values) in the PIM, PDP and catalog pages.


Thanks for the answer.
Do you know if something is planned for this subject in the future?

Hi Joszef,

Great question!

I have passed on this information to the product managers and I hope that will be able to fit this into our future roadmap.

It would be great if you could log this as an issue in our Git repo Just to make sure that it is officially logged and proper followup can be provided.


ok. Thanks!:slight_smile:

in which repository should i log the issue? support or demoshop?

Support, sorry for not stating that :blush:

no Problem. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi! Is there any update for this topic?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @tomas, you can track the progress here -

Spryker Support Team