MacOS: Sometimes 100% cpu load for virtualbox when wake up


I don’t know if anybody faced this problem too. When i run the demoshop with the vagrant vm and stop my work at the end of the day, sometimes it happens that the VBoxHeadless process at the next startup in the morning is at 100% with no obvious reason and the fan on my Macbook is going crazy … This happens when i close the lid and open it again in the morning.

My system:

MacOS Mojave
Virtualbox 5.2.26

To identify the problem I logged into the vm and tried to locate the consuming process but there wasn’t any conspicuous. So the workaround until few days was to restart the vm and everything was normal.

Now i found out, that the audio support may be the reason for that behavior. I deactivated the audio support in the vm because it has fetched my bluetooth headset every time i started the vm (strange audio mode with less quality).

The problem didn’t show up again.

Maybe if somebody run into the same problem, deactivating the audio for the vm is worth a try.

Best regards


Hi Ingo,

thank you for the valuable feedback.
Personally I was suffering from this issue as well and I was testing your suggestion since you’ve posted it.
And I find this worth to add to our troubleshooting page.

Best regards,
Spryker Support Team