Locator IDE Auto Completion with ContainerInterface


Hi there,

with the latest kernel update, array access for a container becomes deprecated.
Instead of using $container['FACADE_XYZ'] = $foo one now should use $container->set('FACADE_XYZ', $foo);

Therefore I’d like to change my Dependency Providers so they’re using the ContainerInterface instead of a container implementation.
Unfortunately the Interface method of getLocator() has no return typehint for \Generated\Zed\Ide\AutoCompletion so the IDE does not suggest modules anymore.

At the moment, abstract DependencyProviders still use Container instead of ContainerInterface. Is it planned to change this? Otherwise I can stick to Container anyway…

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now I see the problem.
There are different AutoCompletion interfaces for Client, Glue, Yves and Zed.
Therefore it’s not possible to add the typehint to a single ContainerInterface.