In spryker-shop/suite is a bug if i use zed with port


If i use zed with a different port, there is a bug in method:

protected function assertMatchingHostName(Request $request)

There is a compare from getHttpHost with getHostName. GetHttpHost return the given host with port, but the getHostName only return the host without port.

Then in zed you get this error:
Incorrect HOST_ZED config, expected, got Set the URLs in your Shared/config_default_DE.php or env specific config files.

Also before it was possible to configure a different host for yves to zed communication and zed gui. Now i can’t find this option.


This seems to be indeed a problem that we didn’t account for yet.
Until it is fixed, please just disable these development only service providers.
They are only there to help you to have the right domains configured.