In commandLineExecutable.php:105 Aborted install

I’m tryinig to install spryker on macos with docker. Using documentation everything went well till docker/sdk up. I got this:

Anyone help? :slight_smile:

Hi Wojtek,

there is a mistake in our installation guide unforunately. I created a PR to fix it. But until it’s merged, you can chose one of two possible solutions:

  1. better would be to use latest release of the demo shop, so instead of
    git clone -b 202001.0 --single-branch ./
    please run
    git clone -b 202009.0 --single-branch ./;
  2. in case you wanted to check previous release by some reason, please change on the step 5
    image: spryker/php:7.3-alpine3.12
    image: spryker/php:7.3-alpine3.10.

Hope this helps!

Spryker Support Team