Important announcement


Dear Spyker Forum Users,

we would like to announce an upcoming change regarding the Spryker forum on


We are currently centralizing our support efforts at Spryker and part of that will be a new help center, which will have support related knowledge base articles, an easy way to submit technical support requests and an integrated forum.


As Spryker and its community is growing it is becoming more challenging for us to keep an overview of all the different support channels, which is why we will be centralizing as much as possible to get a better overview to better support our customers. Furthermore, the new forum also allows us to directly escalate forum posts to support tickets in case you need more detailed assistance from our team.


We set up a new help center at, where you can already create a new account to continue contributing to the Spryker community.


What happens with the current forum

Long-term we will most likely deactivate the current forum.

Will current content be transferred to the new forum?

Not directly, no. What the support team will do however, is go through the existing topics on and try to turn the most recent and relevant ones into knowledge base articles on

Will we keep badges or anything else from

Since the new help center is a different platform in itself, we will not transfer anything from the old forum but go for a fresh start.

When will that happen?

Our planned transition schedule is as follows:

  1. Announce integrated forum in new help center
  2. Until Friday, Mar 15 2019: Disable new user registration on
  3. Until Friday, Mar 22 2019: Restrict new post / reply permissions on
  4. Until Friday, Mar 29 2019: Transform most recent and relevant topics on into knowledge base articles on
  5. Until end of April 2019: Redirect from to
  6. Deactivate (ETA TBD)

We are looking forward to growing the Spryker community together with you and we are especially looking forward to getting your feedback, as we are ultimately building this new community forum for you.

Spryker Support Team


Hi tvalerii,

thanks for communicating the plans for this support forum.

To be honest, my team and I are extremely unhappy with this decision.

We somehow understand the “deprecation” of the support channel on github, to have a single place for bug reports and questions.
But by moving bug reports from github to this discussion board, you also took the chance of getting “credits” on github for actively reporting issues and being recognized as a professional. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t credit bug reporters in release notes of a module either.

More important:
There are not many Spryker related resources on the web right now. Unfortunately many links in Google (and the module packages) are broken because of changes on the documentation page. So developers need a good place to ask questions and find answers, if someone else already had the same problem.

My first impression of the announced help desk is bad.
Knowledge will be reset to zero. It looks immature. Navigation is not intuitive. And again, this moves the activity of Spryker developers out of sight.

Of course, building and managing a community is hard. But by shutting down the forum, developers won’t have a place for exchange any more. Engagement will fall. This is simply frustrating.

Please don’t only consider your own interests but practice what you preach and be near your customers!

Best regards


I’m not really happy either. Raised the concern already before the announcement was made here.

Having an internal ticketing system is probably a good idea and needed. But just close one open community in favor of another one is probably something to rethink.

We are just getting started with Spryker. So we might not loose anything gained yet. But the descission alone to exchange Discourse for something half backed, integrated into the issue tracker could be not the best.

It’s probably a personal thing as well, as I just like Discourse as it really brought new and fresh ideas into the message board era.

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Dear Spryker, I’m also not super convinced if you are improving or actualy making things worse from customer/hoster point of view - so I hope you’ll hear your customers and make not only yours (internal), but also ours (external) life better :slight_smile:
Are you considering moving all of the content to the new platform? I saw a mention of “extracting most useful content” into articles. Please consider just moving whole threads. Some of the discussions were very creative and provide a lot of value in their current form. I’d appreciate if they all would be still accessible, not just some selected topics in a form of summary/article.

Thank you very much for working on improvements!


TL;DR: bad idea.

@Felix: Exactly my thoughts.

I’m not happy either. Now the community won’t be easily able to share the experience nor will it solve problems for other devs. IMO You’re now adding yourself MORE work than you had with the forum, and you will have repeated questions (means you will solve the same requests multiple times and invest more money into support). Mainly because the new UI is hard to read and use, and people are lazy.

Should I add Spryker tag on Stack Overflow and we can count on someone from spryker staff to take over answering questions there instead?

OR can we expect public Spryker Slack channel for the community?

When exactly can we expect more forum-like and more intuitive UI on the current one is barely readable, I’m afraid.

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first of all, thanks to everyone, who posted their feedback – much appreciated and of course great to see that we have a lot of people, who are passionate about the community topic.

Please allow me to address the points, which you have raised.


Answering this point first, as we’ve might not made it clear enough: Also prospectively, we will keep providing a public forum. More detailed answer will follow.

While we plan to sunset as a platform, the new help center also provides a forum – a forum with the same structure / sub-forums as the current forum plus the added benefit of being searchable at the same time as knowledge base articles. Furthermore, our support team can directly turn your forum posts into support tickets, which we can immediately be escalated and tracked internally, thus enabling us to help you in a better way. To summarize this point – we do not want to take the forum away – we merely want to switch the forum platform as it technically offers more benefits to both you and us at the same time. I hope this clarifies your concerns here, @Felix.

Happy to hear, to have you with us on this topic and see the reasoning behind it.

Agreed. And that is one of the reasons, why a centralized help center makes sense, since the search function looks at both knowledge base articles as well as community forum threads.

That is a fair and important point and also the reason our support team will be focusing on expanding the support knowledge base as quickly as possible, so you can benefit from that as well in an organized overview. We’re also considering to keep the old forum in read-only mode for a while and redirect users to open new threads in the new forum.

That is an entirely different topic, but we hear you. Moving bug reports away from GitHub also has other business reasons, like being able to channel and track them in an organized overview as well as answering them in a more timely manner as well. There are ways to integrate GitHub issues into the new help center, which we will discuss again internally. Good point, thank you for your feedback, @Felix.


Especially since you are just getting started, we want to to provide you with punctual feedback in case you need it. To do that, we’re aiming to provide a proper setup to be able to support a larger community and process the support requests in the best possible way.

That might be a personal thing, but that is OK too, of course. We chose one of the world’s biggest support platforms for many reasons, some of them outlined above. So while we can acknowledge your favor and fond memories of Discourse we do hope that you are also appreciating the new and fresh ideas we are bringing with the new help center.


Agreed, we will discuss this with the team and check if this can be done with a reasonable effort. If not, we can still go ahead with the knowledge base articles as an alternative, but we will check your suggestion first, @marekobu. Specifically also the ones where you provided answers for the installation and hosting questions, among others. We agree that we have valuable content in the current forum, so we’re looking to migrate most of it that is still applicable to current versions of the product.


Let’s try to leverage the new platform first, please, before migrating to yet another platform.

Thanks for the feedback, we have thought about that too. We are able to style the new forum to a certain extent and will definitely look into what we can do to improve it’s UI.

That is something we have been thinking about for a while now, especially as there are at least a few positive feedbacks from individual customers about something like a public Slack / IRC / Discord server. Technically this is pretty easy to set up, but we want to make sure that

  1. You can enjoy a proper company in these channels by Spryker support engineers and
  2. We don’t bury valuable knowledge about the product in non-searchable chat rooms. We want to find a solution for that, too.

So, while I cannot make any binding commitment at this time, a public “chat room” as an accompanying offer to the forum is definitely something we will be looking into in Q2 2019.

Thank you again for voicing your feedback and concerns. As mentioned in the announcement, we are looking forward to building this together with you, so we appreciate your feedback and will continue to do so.


Christian, Director Customer Success
per pro. of the Spryker Support Team

Please refer to the new support forum
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