Import data for new store


I setted up a new store on spryker - let’s say “GB” which has the locale “en_GB”.
So appearently all files to import, like category.csv do not have this new local.
Do I need to add this manually (or programmatically) for every csv or is there already some automatism?



There is no automation for adding new locales to import files. For localized data you will most likely have different values per locale and those need to be added manually to your import files.


thanks. I setted up a new store with locale en_GB.
Now I got 2 stores (the default one and the GB store)
So after this I wanted to import the testdata found in for the default shop, which appearently breaks, since it cannot find some non-existing locales on the import data for GB, even though I do not import those data for the new store.

so when adding a new store I cannot use testdata for the old ones anymore, when not adding the new locale for all testdata - this is a bit frustrating