Import attribute options from akeneo

I have installed Akeneo pim middleware connector and would like to import attributes.
I’ve added Attribute Key Importer and Product Attrbiute Management importer plugin with Product Management Step Broker.
Added few steps like Locales step and Attribute key steps. Like you did in \Pyz\Zed\DataImport\Business\DataImportBusinessFactory.
As I read from you documentation here you have already implmemented writer steps for attributes and I don’t need to do anything, isn’t it?
But when the attribute input type is Select obviously I need to save attribute options. And I have this field from connector. But it is not used anywhere and I don’t see any step to use it in your core code.
I wanted to use \Pyz\Zed\DataImport\Business\Model\ProductManagementAttribute\ProductManagementLocalizedAttributesExtractorStep but it is applicable only for import that you did with CSV.
Or should I change the data structure that came from connector to be able to use \Pyz\Zed\DataImport\Business\Model\ProductManagementAttribute\ProductManagementLocalizedAttributesExtractorStep?
That is why I have a question: do I need to implement it? If not - could you please help me which step should I use to import attribute options.
If yes - than why it is not implemented and do I need to do the same for each project?

Thanks and waiting for your response.

UPD: Assume it should add values and value translations here \SprykerEco\Zed\AkeneoPimMiddlewareConnector\Business\Translator\TranslatorFunction\AddAttributeValues but it doesn’t work correctly.