How to understand and debug event.error from rabbit?


I noticed there are some message in my rabbit event.error which contains something like this:

{"listenerClassName":"Spryker\\Zed\\ProductPageSearch\\Communication\\Plugin\\Event\\Listener\\ProductPagePriceProductStoreSearchListener","transferClassName":"Generated\\Shared\\Transfer\\EventEntityTransfer","transferData":{"event":"Entity.spy_price_product_store.update","name":"spy_price_product_store","id":"12754","foreign_keys":{"spy_price_product_store.fk_currency":93,"spy_price_product_store.fk_store":1,"spy_price_product_store.fk_price_product":383},"modified_columns":["spy_price_product_store.price_data","spy_price_product_store.price_data_checksum"]},"eventName":"Entity.spy_price_product_store.update","retry":5,"retryMessage":"Retry on: ","errorMessage":""}

How can I understand what’s WRONG about this and get some information on how to resolve?


Hi Jan,

You need to enable the event log in config_default to see the error or check exception.log.

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@tvalerii and how do I exactly “enable” more information in event.error via config_default?
I don’t see any commented lines that I can uncomment to enable more logging.

I don’t also see anything specific about config_default mentioned in
to raise the amount of information in spryker queue.

thank you in advance for precise help.


$config[EventConstants::LOGGER_ACTIVE] = true; - is the setting you need. Seems like we have to find out why it isn’t there by default.

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Unfortunately, adding this line didn’t add anything more to the message in rabbit queue.
there’s nothing in exception log, either.


It looks the config is ignored and returned the default value.
Please make sure if this config takes the effect, in here you will find the default value for LOGGER_ACTIVE

By enabling the logger you should be able to see some description in error attribute for each message in event.error queue.