How to access a cart via "glue" / api?


I cant find a suitable answer even by reading the code and try out different things.

I want to manipulate the cart of a specific user by using the glue/api whatever … all except using the yves frontend.
I want to initially create a cart via api and update it later via api too.

I know there is a rest API for customers in the b2c shop for example under

which will give me all customers in json format.

For the b2b shop an error occurs on the same address, so i switched back to the b2c shop.

For customers i think i have to dig in the customers-rest-api module of spryker, but i cant find an equivalent solution for the cart.

So where can i start? Or at least where can I find out which rest api routes do exist?



Hi Jim,

This week we will publish documentation on the usage of Glue. Please stay tuned and check by the end of the week.



Thank you, ill be patient :slight_smile:


Happy new year :slight_smile:

I tried out the current glue API and first impressions are very good :slight_smile:

Is there maybe a way (also in future) to report some little bugs/errors in the docs or give some notes for improvements? On some steps it was a little bit unclear to me how to access the API. Especially if you stick to the current documentation and want to “activate” the glue API.

Or for example if i found wrong namespaces in some classes in the docs, where to report them?

Nice job until here! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks and Cheers!



for reporting bugs/errors please use either or

For the specific case of the cart, this documentation may help