How do I update my model and indexController for the HelloSprykerTransfer


I am trying to connect Yves to Zed via the Transfer in Shared. However, I am using the code from the challenge, and not from the challenge, and not from the video. Now, I have the code for the transfer xml file, and for the HelloSprykerFacade.php. But when I tun, it returns the error
Argument 1 passed to Pyz\Zed\HelloSpryker\Business\HelloSprykerFacade::reverseString() must be an instance of Generated\Shared\Transfer\HelloSprykerTransfer, string given, called in /data/shop/development/current/src/Pyz/Zed/HelloSpryker/Communication/Controller/IndexController.php on line 22
It also says that I update the model and indexController accordingly, but I can’t get the right code for it. Any help on this issue? I’m new to this
Thank you



Looks like you ended up in a mixed state somehow, where your facade expects a string instead of the Transfer. Please make sure that all parameters of the involved methods are of type HelloSprykerTransfer.
If you problem persists, please share you code (e.g. in a public repo), so that we can provide further assistance!