GuestCart - CustomerSessionSetPlugin issues


Hi guys.

We had to remove the inclusion of the plugins




which were included by the plugin


which leads to problems on each(!) protected GLUE API request (with access-token).

  1. GuestCartSaveCustomerSessionSetPlugin

Triggers possible a ZED call to a non-existing gateway endpoint: ‘/persistent-cart/gateway/create-and-reload-quote’

  1. GuestCartUpdateCustomerSessionSetPlugin

Triggers via ZED call: ‘/persistent-cart/gateway/sync-storage-quote’ the update of existing quote and the create of a quote if none is present (on each protected GLUE request). Which leads to massive performance issues (needs ~1.5 sec) and a quote create where do not want it.

Additionally we removed the both GuestCart resource route plugins because currently we don’t want to support guest and indeed there some technical issues like: creating a guest-cart on add-item post request insteadof existance of an explizit create-guest-cart post endpoint therefor.

Best regards,


Hello sheinrich,
We are aware of this problem and plan to release a fix for this issue soon.
For now - please do not disable GuestCartUpdateCustomerSessionSetPlugin because it syncs quote from database for cart requests.
In next release, we will remove this sync so you will not experience performance issues.
GuestCartSaveCustomerSessionSetPlugin should be disabled.
Thank you for your report!