Glue API Demo Shop



I am currently experimenting with the released Spryker Glue REST API and in the documentation it is mentioned that

In order to help you understand possible use cases, we offer you a sample app available as an example implementation (which is not a starting point for customer projects, though). It can coexist with an existing demo shop as a second touchpoint in the project. From a technology perspective, it is based on our customers’ interests; the API Demo Shop is implemented in the form of a single-page application based on a React JS library.

Unfortunately I am not able to find this implementation anywhere, neither in the documentation nor by manual search.

Is it already available and I am simply overlooking it or will it be released at a later point in time?

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Patrick Kubica


I believe this is about


Thanks a lot, this is what I was looking for, so I did overlook it in the end : )



I agree, this should better be pointed out in the documentation.

  1. Where to find the demo app
  2. How to activate the “glue” in the current suite/b2c-demo (host/nginx config etc.)

Thanks a lot too.

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