Fundamental problem of understanding clients connection in third party applications


Please excuse me, as this is obviously a really basic question but i can’t find a satisfying answer and i am very new to Spryker

I understand that Yves frontend (which is mostly rendered on serverside via php) communicates with Zed backend functionality by using client classes which can be found in Pyz/Client.
As far as i understood the often mentioned “Glue” is represented by all the ways to access the backend, like Clients, Plugins and so on …

But you cant use all those PHP code like clients or transferobjects in javascript applications like react, angularjs and so on (please correct me if this is not true, i have no experience with this frameworks)

So, how is an alternative frontend-app connected to the ZED Backend? Is it all about writing another layer of communication to handle Rest requests? Where is the hook-in to develop for this needs?

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Hi @JimPanse,

Glue, which is in ongoing development at the moment, is a layer with API-set on top of it for exactly this purpose - to make it possible to use whatever FE solution you want: single page, mobile etc.
It covers not all features yet (for example, some b2b features), but basically you can start build what you need already.

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Hi @tvalerii
Thanks for your response.
Is there maybe a tutorial or another resource to start with programming external applications? I can’t find that much especially about the Keyword “Glue” in the docs. I read a bit source code but its not easy to understand for me.
Basically i expect something like an API with an external app can talk to. Finally i found two endpoints:

  • api/rest/costumers
  • api/rest/products

But i don’t think that this is the “glue” entrypoint since is has nothing to to with something that is going on in the glue folder.

If there is no resource i would like to suggest a tutorial about this :slight_smile:



Hi @JimPanse,

As the development is ongoing and there hasnt been an official release, I would kindly ask you to wait until the release, which will take place in the upcoming month. With this release, full documentation will be available as well next to the extensive documentation.



Hi @karl.bischoff,

thanks for your response. I didn’t know that and I am only evaluating possibilities at the moment. So if there is no official release i’ll wait and come back later :slight_smile: