Fixes for windows + vagrant setup


If you get an error about the project not being a clone of the repo

- do git clone manually, the project files must be inside the first level of /project folder

The mac dependencies break the installation.


FE_INSTALL_COMMAND='install --no-optional'

If the npm module bluebird is missing

 npm install bluebird --no-optional

If you get timeout error when you try to open the front page from the browser

.vm file
VM_SKIP_SF = '1'


Hi petar and happy new year!

Thank you for sharing your installation with us. We appreciate you wanting to share this information with other Spryker users and I hope you will keep on sharing your insights with us.


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Hi guys,

I found a vagrant plugin that make the access to the shared folder a lot faster. That was the main reason why the pages were loading in a very long time.

Follow the official setup steps from here ( with the following additions:
After step 1 “Prepare Vagrant” install Vagrant plugin “Win NFSd” form here:
After step 2.1 clone demoshop in “project” folder by running the following command

git clone --branch master project
Before step 2.3 add in “Vagrantfile” the following:

config.vm.synced_folder “project”, “/data/shop/development/current”, type: "nfs"
config.winnfsd.uid = 33
config.winnfsd.gid = 33

For me it worked even after I installed the project. Now it runs a lot faster.



Hi cosmin.cojocaru,

Thanks for the Tip, we are looking to see how we can incorporate this info in the documentation. Would it be ok to accredit you on the info in the Spryker Academy?


The Forum Team


Hi Deborah,

Yes, no problem, hope it helps.

Thank you,