Export and Import Translations


We need to export german translations (glossary) for further translation to i.e. france.

  • How we can export translations?
  • How we can import a new locale provided via file?
  • How did you solve that task in your past projects?

We hope you can provide us a solution according that request.

Patrick Schönfeld


Good day, Patrick Schönfeld!

We don’t have out of box translations export functionality.
Initial translations are stored in data/import/glossary.csv .
After you init shop, Glossary will contain much more then simple ‘translations’.
It means you cannot really use tables data (spy_glossary and related).

From my experience, I have updated files:

  • cms_page.csv (here data goes into columns for each locale)
  • cms_block.csv (here data goes into columns for each locale)
  • glossary.csv (here data goes into new line for each locale)
    with data for each locale



I don’t understand, How we can get in a new language while already in production? We need to develop an own solution?


True, we don’t have ready to use solution to add new language to running on production site.
Moreover, new language means localized data for products and categories as well.
The main task is to implement locale specific importers, since our commands are executed per shop, expecting all locales were already configured.
Out of box importers are working as INSERT only, no update functionality is included there.


Since we didnt receive a solution, we trying it like that now:

SELECT sgk.key,sgt.value translation,spl.locale_name locale FROM spy_glossary_key sgk
INNER JOIN spy_glossary_translation sgt ON sgk.id_glossary_key = sgt.fk_glossary_key
INNER JOIN spy_locale spl ON spl.id_locale = sgt.fk_locale

WHERE spl.locale_name = ‘de_DE’ AND sgk.key NOT LIKE ‘%cms%’
ORDER BY sgk.key

This export contains all productive glossary keys similar to the glossary.csv file and this will be used to create a new language. We have only cms pages and glossary keys, no products. Cms translations need to be done manually in ZED.