Eval Question (Backend Extension, Partner Contract)


Hello Community

I am currently in a technical evaluation and the following questions have arisen in this context.

  1. Are there any support for technology companies for core problems besides the forum and the issue tracker on Github? My question is mainly about partner contracts. Unfortunately, I have only found sites that target the end customer.

  2. My search for a tutorial for Backend UI extensions, more precisely the Admin Interface, was unsuccessful. I’m not sure if I didn’t understand a concept of Spryker or if I’m using the wrong keywords. Can you recommend a link to this topic?

In both cases I would be happy to receive a link to the corresponding websites.


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for reaching us out.

  1. We provide full range support for our partners (agencies), this includes: onboarding and training session (bootcamp), SLA (via support desk), partner manager from the solution partner team, dedicated channel in slack, etc.
    To become a partner you can use this link https://spryker.com/solution-partners/ and scroll down till the form Get in Touch.
    For integration to third party partners like CMS and PIMs I recommend talking to Christian Ebel because he supports our clients and agencies with all questions regarding IP and readiness.

  2. If I understood you question correctly, you need something like https://documentation.spryker.com/administration_interface_guide/about-admin-interface.htm, right? Hope this will help.

Feel free to ask about everything.

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Hello Valerii

I thank you for your answers. That has already helped me more. Question two was obviously inconvenient Formulated. So I try again:

As far as I understand the BackOffice module provides the Admin UI where the shop operator can manage his customers, orders and other things. I would be interested to know how this can be extended as a developer to add for example a Tab / Navigation Note with Space Invaders.

Maybe you know the sonata-project from the Symfony space. In its context the question would be: How to create an adminController?

I’m sure there’s a tutorial there, but I seem to lack the right vocabulary for the search.


So basically you are interested in Tutorials section, probably.

Here’s the one for the navigation: https://documentation.spryker.com/capabilities/navigation/t-add-navigation-zed.htm
Extending the tables https://documentation.spryker.com/tutorials/advanced/t-working-tables.htm
Adding new button to the table
Adding new bundle, covers adding a new admin page in zed: https://documentation.spryker.com/tutorials/advanced/t-add-new-bundle.htm

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