Error Place Order (Customer Address without First-/Lastname)


Hi all,

in our B2B shop in the checkout step “place-order” I get the following SQL error (INSERT INTO spy_customer_address … null value in column “first_name” violates not-null constraint). Unfortunately, I have no information for the first / last name and they must remain empty.
The file (Zed/Customer/Persistence/Propel/Schema/spy_customer.schema.xml) says:

Unfortunately, these lines have no effect and in the database still contains first_name => Not Null (true).

Can I not override the property “required” in the schema file?

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Hi @nxslutz,

From one side, it should be possible to override database schema. For more details look at the
But please notice this section:

Change attribute values
It is possible to change the value of an attribute e.g. type=“VARCHAR” to type=“LONGVARCHAR” or size=“100” to size=“200”. Be aware that this can have strong side effects and should be avoided when possible.

So I would suggest to go with dummy data in those fields.