Does Spryker OS come with a content editor


I am new here and I have been waiting to get a demo from the Spryker team
in the meanwhile, I cant wait to ask if there is a Front-end Content Editor for my marketing team (something like the Wordpress content editor) so that they can edit the front end of our webshop as well?
please note that my marketing team has no to little technical skill.

i am not sure if I posted this question in the right topic, But I hope I did.


Hi Caleb,

I will answer in statements in order to be short and precise:

  • unfortunately, home page isn’t a CMS page and content team doesn’t have a possibility to define how it looks like, only development can implement changes (but this is going to be changed in the future);
  • any category (catalog page) can be as: a catalog page, a catalog page + CMS block, a CMS block, and Sub Categories grid;
  • you can define any CMS page and insert it to the navigation.

You can try it on your own: or for frontend (Yves) and or for backoffice.
Login/password to backoffice is:
For b2b shop you can use whatever customer you will find in backoffice - they all have the same password: change123.

Hope this will help you while you are waiting for a real demo from our team.

Best regards,


Hi Valerii,
thanks for the swift reply. I cant seem to open the front end links that you sent me
it says “Website not Reachable. Cant find IP-addres.”
the backoffice links work fine.
I look forward to your reply.
thanks again.


Sorry, correct links are and

Best regards,



You can also watch some of our videos showing how to edit content and work with Spryker

All the best,