Documentation outdated

Hi there,

I try to customize the carusel described here.

In the demoshop this component is not used anywhere. Can it be that the doc are not updated to the current demoshop layout?

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Hi Peter,
what repository\demoshop have you installed? We have three different demoshops:, and

All three have different layout. In the document you’ve mentioned I can see screenshots taken from third demoshop.

The difference between these demoshop briefly: first two have their own verticals of features (like there is no guest functionality in b2b or there are no merchant relations in b2c) and are released couple of time per year. Suite on the other hand has all features and is updated as soon as there is a new module available or per other changes.

Hope this helps.

Spryker Support Team

Hi Valerii,

thanks for answering so fast

It is the demo b2c shop. It uses a more modern version slikslider carusel, living in the projectspace. The simple-carusel in the tutorial doesnt exists anymore.