Docs suggesting step causing an error


If you try to follow: and you’re doing it for the first time, you’ll definitely follow the big red section:

However, actually adding this config will fail the propel:install to run, causing the app to throw something like:

In Table.php line 966:
  Index "spy_cms_page_i_615cb5" already exist.  

there are few ways to fix this doc.

  1. Suggest to only extend the function when the schema paths do not follow Spryker default directory structure.

  2. Do NOT suggest to extend this function with the path given there, because what is causing the error is the commit which already implemented the given path

  3. when suggesting to extend the PropelConfig use :

    return array_unique(array_merge(

and not only array merge (this would however, make no sense because the path is already implemented in the core). Please pick whatever is best and update the doc. Multiple solutions is what prevented me from creating the PR

OH and there’s also a typo in The structure of this table is defined in the Price mosdule while you’re at it :slight_smile:


Hi Jan,

thank you for the feedback. Documentation team is notified and will fix the documentation.

Best regards,
Spryker Support Team