Docker-sync start error in Bash while setup demoshop in Windows(Docker)


Hi, while i am trying to installing the Spryker by using setup of demoshop in Docker, but docker sync start is not working, it is giving error like attached screen

. Please help to move forward, thanks in advance.


Did you make step 13 with adding docker-sync.yml file (with configuration of docker-sync)? It is in the last block of the document:


Thanks you for reply,

I added docker-sync.yml file in demoshop root folder, i am giving the file code below please check and help with your feedback.

docker-sync.yml code:

-----------code start-------------------
version: “2”
verbose: true
app-sync: # tip: add -sync and you keep consistent names als a convention
sync_args: [’-perms=0’] #required for two way sync ie generators, etc
sync_strategy: ‘unison’
sync_host_ip: ‘’ #host ip isn’t properly inferred

sync_excludes: [’.gitignore’, ‘.idea/’,’.git/’, ‘.coffee’, '.scss’, ‘.sass’,’.log’]

src: '/mnt/c/Users/GSS_DELL/demoshop'
sync_userid: '33'

--------------code ends-------------------

if i click on" " link, then one file is downloading which contains “waiting for deploy page” message.