Docker on Windows (WSL) still supported?


I found the following via Google.

Following everything documented seems to start the environment at least. But as I try to browse the frontend or backend it I just get the following error.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Spryker\Shared\Payolution\PayolutionConstants' not found in /data/config/Shared/config_local.php:40

As the page from above can only be found via Google and not from the regular academy navigation it feels a bit abandoned.

The Vagrant based installation seems to work, but as we use Docker already for other developments it would be great to develop with Spryker using Docker. Otherwise we would have to switch constantly between Docker for Windows (Hyper-V) and Virtualbox (Vagrant) as Hypervisor.

So what is the Docker story here?


In the past we experimented with Docker but we no longer support Docker as a Development Environment although it is supported in production. You will find the updated installation guide in our new documentation page

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