Create new custom theme



I want to create my own custom style for my shop with scss.

I’ve already tryied to create a new Folder in @ project / assets / Yves.
Is there anything else i must do that my new theme works? Some special Folder Structure that i have to follow?

is there a step by step guide to create a new theme? only found this: but it doesn’t help much.


For now we have only default theme. And there is no simple way to create new one.
What is the repo you started with?


so if i want to change the default style i have to edit the scss files that already exist in /project/assets/Yves/default ?

but what you describe here?


Ok, if you have assets folder then it looks you are using as starting point.
You can you just use default theme and edit/add everything inside /assets/Yves/default as you mentioned. Or you can change it in /assets/Yves/default/build/settings.js and in config/Shared/config_default.php.


thank you, but it seems that my changes don’t take the path of the new theme. Is there a command to clear the cache?


Please try console cache:delete-all.