Code generator issues with the latest dev vm



I have been using the code generator multiple times and after completely rebuilding the dev vm locally today following your installation guide I noticed that if I create a simple hello world module like there are some issues when running the code generator.

If I execute console code:generate:module:yves HelloWorld and add my controller to the controller provider stack I realised 2 issues

  1. The use statement in Yves/HelloWorld/Plugin/Provider/HelloWorldControllerProvider.php specifies
    use Pyz\Yves\Application\Plugin\Provider\AbstractYvesControllerProvider
    instead of
    use SprykerShop\Yves\ShopApplication\Plugin\Provider\AbstractYvesControllerProvider
    (FATAL ERROR - Class ‘Pyz\Yves\Application\Plugin\Provider\AbstractYvesControllerProvider’ not found)

  2. The generated Twig template tries to
    {% extends "@application/layout/layout.twig" %}
    instead of
    {% extends template('page-layout-main') %}
    (Twig_Error_Loader - Template “@application/layout/layout.twig” is not defined)

Both issues break the Hello World example.

Is there a new version of the code generator planned that could maybe resolve this issues or can I update it manually? If I do the changes I mentioned the example works again.

I hope this post helps other people that run into the same issues and helps to save some time.

Thanks in advance for your response and help,


Hello Patrick,

Due to the latest changes in the Spryker project, the code generators related to Yves have been broken, We are currently working on fixing both the code generators and the relevant documentation, but, due to the amount of changes, it is going to take some time. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

For the time being, you can just fix the generated code manually.

The Forum Team