Changes in Zed not shown in Frontend


I have experienced the issues when creating a new CMS page in Zed, when I publish and activate it it throws 404 error with message 'No route found for ‘GET /…’

Also if I make any changes for example in the navigation, nothing happens as it seems it is a cache issue somehow. The changes I make in twig and scss appear immediately (with npm run yves for style) but the backend changes are not visible.

I’ve also run collector:storage:export but it throws the exception that there are no commands defined in the collector:storage namespace.



Hi @NowakS,

Could you tell more about your setup?
Are you running our app in provided devvm?
Which repository have you used as a starting point?

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Hi @tvalerii,

It’s a standard Spryker installation with vagrant but from a b2c suite repo. Is there a way to recompile the Zed in a way the Yves is built after scss changes?




It seems that your Jenkins wasn’t correctly configured during installation.
Could you please run installation one more time and check if it’s working?
This can be something like Update KV Storage.

And there are no collectors anymore.
If Jenkins isn’t working, you can run this command manually - console queue:worker:start.

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I looked at Jenkins and it was apparently working okay, it might be some kind of an issue with the configuration so I got a new clean install and now it’s working. Don’t know why. Thanks for the help!