Cache problems, maybe?


When i edit a controller or a template, it doesn’t get refreshed right away.
I have to wait 10-20 seconds to see the result when i do a request via the browser.
Is there a way to disable caching globally on DEV, if that is the problem?


Hi Petar,

This sounds like you have opcache enabled. Have you checked your php opcache settings in the VM?
In demoshop under url you can see your php info. To change opcache config edit the
/etc/php/7.1/mods-available/opcache.ini file.


Yea, it was the opcache.
I had already looked for it but in the wrong php version.


After i reloaded the VM, the problem is back.
The opcache is disabled 100% and when i edit a controller it throws an exception at ClassLoader->includeFile();

When i run some commands to check on the edited file i see.

Command : ls -la

Before editing : -rw-r–r-- 1 502 dialout 636 Jan 5 13:49 IndexController.php

After editing : -??? ? ? ? ? ? IndexController.php

Something at a lower level is going wrong, have no idea.


This is only happening for modules generated by the console code:generate:module


The problem was PHPStorm, the latest version.

Version: 2017.3.2
Build: 173.4127.29
Released: December 22, 2017