Bug in installation file?


Dear all, after execution of

vagrant init devvm119 https://github.com/spryker/devvm/releases/download/ci-119/spryker-devvm.box

the .vm contains the line

SPRYKER_REPOSITORY = ‘https://github.com/spryke/demoshop.git

(pls. note spryke instead of spryker)

and installation breaks. Ok, I fix that, but somehow all that installation procedure seems to be very instable. your also removed the antelope fix, right?

Rgds, Dominik


Hi Dominik,

It seems that you may have an incorrect environment variable on your machine.
The URL looks good as you could find here: https://github.com/spryker/devvm/blob/master/Vagrantfile#L31

Could you please:

  • Set the proper URL to SPRYKER_REPOSITORY, or
  • Remove own value so that it will be taken from our vagrant config.

Please let us know if that solved your problem.

The Forum Team

P.S we no longer use Antelope we work with Oryx http://academy.spryker.com/developing_with_spryker/user_interface_guide/oryx/oryx.html?Highlight=oryx


Deborah, thanks. I managed to install. I am currently facing the problem, that the VM is running terribly slow on my WIN10 notebook. But I can start the applicattion. Rgds, Dominik.