Binding pre-order (collective order) using Spryker


Wonderful good evening dear Magento community,
we are currently in the process of designing an online shop for nuts and legumes from our blog (“”). We want to offer consumers the above-mentioned products in the best quality directly from the producer for sale. To this end, we would like to launch our first product, the "pine nuts
" (“”), shortly. Since we can only buy directly from the producer with the collection of larger quantities, we would like to extend the functionality of a “classic online shop” by a kind of “binding pre-order” (for the “collective order” taking place in the background).
How can this concept be realized with Magento? Is there already an extension for this, which could be adapted?
Unfortunately we could not find an “online shop” via Magento during our research, where a similar functionality is realized. (Only the reminder by e-mail address is known to us).
I am happy about your support.
Thank you very much for the effort in advance!



Hello Andrew,

Are you looking for an answer from Spryker-community maybe? :slight_smile:



Hi Andrew,

thanks for your interest in Spryker! In the most easy way you could probably tell the customers by on-screen messages that an order will be fulfilled only when a specific amount of orders has been collected. Though there are better options with Spryker: a more sophisticated option would use our state machine logic, which processes orders based on rules. By that you could build an automated order management system that proceeds all relevant orders automatically when a specific threshold of units has been reached.

For more information feel free to have a look at Introduction to OMS and example State Machine Patterns.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Best regards