B2B demo shop with DVM on macOS Mojave (10.14.2)


Hi, I try to install B2B demo shop and all is ok up to point 3.2.

when I do
composer install


nothing happen. Of course, no composer.json in divvm directory. :confused:

Thank for your help.




It seems like you skipped step 3.1 Log into the VM:

vagrant ssh

You need to do composer install inside the VM, not from the host :slight_smile:


The Forum Team


Thank you for your help.

inside the WM, I need a vm-b2b-demo shop login and password.
I try user admin@spryker.com and password change123 but it don’t work.

What is the login and password on vm ?



Ok, I’m connected with vagrant / vagrant

But now, I have this



Seems like you local source code was not mounted to the vm. Whats in your current directory (ls -la) ?
For me it looks like there was an error while provisioning the vm …

Best regards


well, I don’t do more than restart the wm 4 or 5 time, and now…it’s ok ! :slight_smile:

Now, I try to connect to backend or frontend, and now the server seems to be skating :confused:



Hi Guillaume,

How have you started the VM? With vagrant up or directly from virtualbox?

Best regards,


with vagrant up…it don’t work…:confused:


What do you mean exactly “it doesn’t work”?
Any errors? Any output returned?



address not found (black screen)


Is there an entry for www.de.demoshop.local pointing to your vm ip in the file /etc/hosts?


Please run Terminal or iTerm in your mac.
Go to your devvm directory.
Do vagrant up.
And then vagrant ssh.
And then you will be able to run composer install and vendor/bin/install.

Should look like on the screenshot.


thank you Valerii.
all was ok in terminal.
But I can’t reach the website :confused:


Then check please what is inside your /etc/hosts file as @JimPanse suggested in B2B demo shop with DVM on macOS Mojave (10.14.2).



Try to open please http://www.de.b2b-demo-shop.local. Or http://zed.de.b2b-demo-shop.local.


It’s working !!!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:



Please tell us what the final problem was to share this experience with other people.




At the end,

vagrant up
vagrant ssh

and the url

Thank you to everyone who help me and of course valerii.