Access to demoshop code in Docker


Hi there,

I installed the demoshop with docker like in the documentation.
With Vagrant we had a shared folder with the demoshop project but now, with the docker installation there is no shared folder and I cannot access the code, unless I use ssh.

Shouldn’t there be a shared folder with the project?

Thank you,


Hi Cosmin,

Docker for Windows uses Microsoft Hyper-V for virtualization and the OS doesn’t have the direct access to the filesystem as it is available in Linux PC with Docker. So the workaround is the solutions like docker-sync . We have tested it for MacOS and it works rather good.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the step-by-step how to guide for this approach in our academy at this moment.

Vladimir Voronin


Hey Vladimir,
It would be really helpful if you share your docker-sync.yml :wink:

I‘m struggling with some permission errors on OSX.



Hi Till,

The docker-compose.yml is attached.


Sorry, I mean docker-sync.yml :slight_smile:


I cant see it. :confused: maybe attachments don’t work in mail responses?!


I found it in the academy github repo -->